President’s Welcome Message

Dear students,

It pleases me to welcome you all to Al-Bayan University and I look forward to your participation to help develop our university, which will contribute to a better society empowered by science and knowledge and strengthens a culture of cooperation to pave our present and a bright future.

Al-Bayan University was established, according to the Ministers Council order no. 369 for the year 2013, based on the approval and recognition of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under the decree issued No. 3966, the year 2016, to expand and develop into a leading scientific edifice and to join the prestigious universities in the progress of our society and its advancement. As the university starts its first year, as a young university, it intends to be a pioneer university and in the forefront of Iraqi and international universities.

The University Board of Trustees is keen to meet all requirements for its success, regarding attracting the scientific competencies of high qualifications and academics from inside and outside Iraq and by providing the university with ideal classrooms and distinctive scientific laboratories. The university currently has four colleges; The College of Law, The College of Pathological Analysis Technologies, The College of Business Administration and The College of Pharmacy. The University will continue with its annual expansion to meet its five-year plan and strategy. The university is keen to open new medical and engineering colleges, as well as, opening the chance for students to follow postgraduate studies and programs.

Looking at all these successful steps and achievements, make us thankful for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Department of Private education and the sectoral committees for their continuous support to Al-Bayan University. And finally, I would like to congratulate our dear students for the new academic year, wishing them a fruitful, successful academic year.

Professor Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Al-Ameri

President of Al-Bayan University