The University Strategy

University Vision

The university vision is the core values and purposes of the university. The core values are based on the high quality of education in the fields of knowledge provided by the university and the establishment of contemporary knowledge in these areas, which leads to inspiring creativity and social responsibility locally and internationally. The core purposes are based on the knowledge and technical contribution to the progress and welfare of the community.

University Mission

Al-Bayan University will offer a unique scientific experience which will encourage the students to follow a postgraduate program, which will give him/her with the opportunity to find a prominent job in the labor market and integrate into the society. The establishment of the university’s cultural values will eventually contribute to the rebuilding of a healthy society and its development, by implementing standards of conduct which will help the university personals and students to do their tasks as well as they can. The correct usage of financial and human resources will increase the knowledge value in the various university fields and will uplift Al-Bayan University to a distinctive level among other local and international educational institutions working in the same fields.

University Objectives

  • Al-Bayan University aims to provide a unique experience for the students.
  • Educating a generation that believes in the unity of Iraq and looks forward to building a unified society, according to the authentic values that characterize the Iraqi society.
  • Assuring that knowledge is an urgent need to building a better society and develops scientific trends and introduces the advanced scientific way of thinking in addressing the various social issues and problems.
  • Preparing an educated generation qualified with science that adopts it as a sound basis for the making of the necessary radical changes and implements the scientific knowledge and technique of thinking and analysis in achieving the goals of the nation and the elimination of the faces of underdevelopment.
  • Planting the original spiritual, national and human values in the hearts of rising generations.
  • Emphasizing the importance of teamwork and the role of society, without ignoring the importance of the sincere individual initiatives within the framework of serving the community.
  • Balancing between the citizen’s rights and duties, by placing every human as a core value and a fundamental target within the development of society.
  • Extracting the social norms that hinder the social and economic progress.
  • Providing the technical, moral and material means which will guarantee the execution of the various activities among the Al-Bayan University Academic Staff and Researchers, which will ensure an atmosphere of tranquillity and independence needed for the flow of free thinking and creativity.
  • Developing the scientific research progress through the Centre of Scientific Research.
  • Working to strengthen the university’s place as a creative center for a culture that selects the moral and social values in line with the spirit of the original Islamic values.
  • Providing students with the highest global level of knowledge and science on the academic and professional level.
  • Attract and increase the numbers of scientists and academics to help develop the level of the university.
  • University expansion in terms of colleges and departments.
  • Participate in nation-building and proper its people.


University Goals for the Postgraduate Studies

Al-Bayan University seeks to set up postgraduate studies in the scientific specialties at the university, which will enable the university in achieving the following essential goals:

  • Improving and diversifying the level of university studies and providing their various requirements.
  • Providing the higher education sector and scientific research center with academics and researchers.
  • Providing specialists with the needed high ‎ This will ultimately enable them to obtain a master’s ‎and doctoral degree, to fill in the requiredworkforce in the field of high ‎knowledge.‎
  • Distributing the post-graduate studies, scientific research and the technical and technological specialties in light of the requirements of studies and depending on the successive findings and the rapid progress of sciences and technology in our contemporary society and its activities.
  • Strengthening the balance between the theoretical progress of sciences and their practical aspects.
  • Considering the futuristic social, economic and scientific problems and working on finding scientific solutions for them.
  • Assisting the students and providing the best means to expand their activities and to push forward with their scientific and professional specialties, within the Iraq’s National Development Plan and the need of the country, and developing the spirit of innovation, creativity, initiative, and determination among them.
  • Providing scientific and technical services and consultations for the state and its various institutions and other sectors.
  • Linking post-graduate studies with the interim need to the development of society and respond to them and adjusting the appropriate scientific and practical solutions to its problems and developing the proposals and controls to solve them.
  • Identifying the themes of scientific theses and dissertations for all postgraduate researchers to make sure the requirements associated with the development of modern societies and facilitating the solutions to scientific, economic or social problems faced by the community. The Al-Bayan University shall announce them to the students at the proper time.

University values

High Morals

Appreciating the Beauty of Science and Learning




Scientific Leadership


University Current Location

The university is located in Baghdad, at the end of Al-Jaderia Bridge, from Al Saideya side. It will soon build a new campus.