College of Pharmacy- Courses


The College of Pharmacy consists of five years, two semesters of each year, following the curriculum of Iraqi universities, private and public, according to the curricula of international and Arab universities.

A student in the College of Pharmacy studies (58) courses for five years and the number of credits required for a student to graduate is (174). To get accepted, the students must have completed his high school, the scientific branch, morning studies. This distribution of subjects and credits In the College of Pharmacy is shown in the following tables:




No. of Courses


No. of Credits

First Year First Semester 6 16
Second Semester 6 16
Second Year First Semester 5 17
Second Semester 5 20
Third Year First Semester 5 18
Second Semester 6 19
Fourth Year First Semester 6 18
Second Semester 5 16
Fifth Year First Semester 6 18
Second Semester 8 17







First year

First Semester

Analytical Chemistry

Human Biology

Principles of Pharmacy Practice

Mathematics and Biostatistics

Computer Sciences

Medical Terminology

Second Semester

Organic Chemistry I

Medical Physics

Pharmaceutical Calculations

Human Anatomy


Human Rights

Second Year

First Semester

Medical Microbiology I

Physiology   I

Physical Pharmacy  I


Organic Chemistry  II

Second Semester

Physiology II

Pharmacology  I

Organic Chemistry  III

Medical Microbiology II

Physical Pharmacy  II

Third Year

First Semester

Pharmacology   II

Biochemistry  I

Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Technology   I


Second Semester

Pharmacology  III

Biochemistry   II

Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry I

Pharmaceutical Technology   II

Pharmacology   I

Pharmacy Ethics

Fourth Year

First Semester


Pharmacology II

Clinical Pharmacy I

Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry II

Public Health

Communication Skill

Second Semester

Clinical Pharmacy II

Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry III

Industrial Pharmacy  I

Pharmacology        III

General Toxicology

Fifth Year

First Semester

Applied Therapeutics I

Industrial Pharmacy II

Clinical Chemistry

Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV

Clinical Laboratory Training

Clinical Toxicology

Second Semester

Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharma economic

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

Hospital Training

Dosage Form Design

Applied Therapeutics  II

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology