College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy at Al-Bayan University has the code (040). The duration of study is five years. The College of Pharmacy is one of the important medical group colleges. All countries around the globe and Iraq, in particular, have paid great attention in preparing specialized graduates in the field of pharmacy through teaching the sciences of this field. Modern medicine is now based on the diagnosing and treating various diseases. It also includes choosing the appropriate medicine with the least side effects.

Pharmacology remains one of the most fundamental and important areas of knowledge in the world. There is an increasing global need for pharmacists. In order to develop pharmacologically qualified pharmacists trained in modern laboratories and acquired the techniques, Al Bayan University has founded the College of Pharmacy in line with this urgent need in the world. It has provided all the necessary inputs from the teaching staff, high-tech classrooms, and laboratories equipped with the necessary laboratory supplies and laboratory furniture.

The graduates of high school (the scientific studies) can apply to the College of Pharmacy. The Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy is awarded to the graduate. The examinations in the College of Pharmacy are designed in the following format:


  Theory Practical + Theory

Mid Term Exam



25% Theory
25% Practical
End Term Exam 70% 50%
Total 100% 100%



The vision of the College of Pharmacy is to develop postgraduate studies (Masters) in various pharmaceutical disciplines, to support the Board’s certificate in pharmacy, one of the specialties of the College. of Pharmacy, and to host the specialists in pharmacology by giving lectures and workshops for the training of pharmaceutical staff and the establishment of basic laboratories, Modern and high-tech devices in this field, and issue a specialized scientific journal and a special court for the college and its sciences, and the establishment of scientific conferences annually to develop the college scientifically.

Mission Statement:

The College seeks to adopt the most modern and highly specialized scientific methods in conveying information and keeping up with the latest scientific developments through a distinguished teaching staff and technicians and providing students with modern scientific experiences through practical training in hospitals.


  • Establish specialized pharmaceutical plants to serve patients in hospitals and health centers.
  • Contribute to the health of society through the development of the process of preparation and the usage of appropriate medicine.
  • A graduate of the College of Pharmacy who holds a bachelor degree in Pharmacy participate in the preparation of necessary programs and plans and apply them using the expertise of specialists.
  • Provide the equipment and the necessary training to the staff to choose the appropriate drug before use.
  • Encouraging medical and health research in the field of pharmacy and drug manufacturing.
  • Filling the urgent needs and desires of this field, especially in our dear country which grows healthy, intellectually, and socially.
  • Provide hospitals and health centers with specialized pharmacists with an excellent
  • Issue a specialized scientific journal.
  • Build a website for the college.
  • Organize scientific conferences annually to develop the college scientifically.

Al-Bayan University is in urgent need of the College of Pharmacy to be integrated into its objectives first and to be the key to other medical specialties in the future. There is a great desire for this specialization by the graduates of high school since the government and current private colleges are not enough to satisfy the students’ desires. A sufficient number of specialized academic staff in the field of pharmaceutical science and others science has been appointed to develop this college.

The college also works to raise the scientific level of students and staff by encouraging scientific research, strengthen the scientific basis through the scientific activities of the college, increase the cultural and scientific level of the society through the establishment of courses and seminars in general, and use different aspects of media. The college has provided the necessary arrangement from the building, the halls for theoretical lessons, the specialized laboratories, furniture, fixtures, appliances, and equipment. Also, the founders and the contributors in the university have provided the institution with the support it needs.

Description of graduate:

A graduate who has completed his academic studies in the sciences of pharmacy, has obtained a bachelor degree in pharmacy, and has sufficient experience to work in governmental and private medical centers and hospitals. The graduate will choose the appropriate medicine in cooperation with the doctor, as well as preparing the appropriate medicine if required. He also can open the proper courses for health staff working in the field of pharmacy through the development of information. The graduate will be able to follow the latest developments in science and choose the appropriate medicine for common and uncommon diseases.