College of Law

The Voluntary Team from the College of Law visits Children’s Educational Hospital

As a part of the efforts of Al Bayan University to build the personality of the student scientifically, educationally, and socially, the voluntary team of the College of Law at Al-Bayan University visited the Children’s Hospital (Cancer Department) in an attempt to raise the morale of the children staying there and their families. The team gave gifts to the children and provided some medicines and medical supplies needed by the hospital. At the end of the visit, the hospital administration thanked the visiting team.

Women Against Corruption at Al Bayan University

The Department of Law at Al Bayan University held a scientific symposium on the occasion of the International Women’s Day under the title “Women Against Corruption.” The symposium was held in cooperation with the Department of Relations and Non-Governmental Organizations in the Integrity Commission and in coordination with the Women’s Empowerment Department in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. Dr. Nawar Daham Al-Zubaidi gave a presentation on the contribution of Iraqi women in this field, especially in the family and at the social levels. The symposium included fruitful discussions and questions by the attendees to contribute to the advocacy of women and their role in combatting administrative corruption.

A Symposium on the International Volunteer Day at Al Bayan University

The College of Law at Al Bayan University held a seminar entitled “Voluntary Work and its Social Significance” on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day on the Multi-Purpose Hall in the University. Dr. Nawar Al-Zubaidi organized the symposium. The Dean of  College of Law, Dr. Haidar Al-Emara, a group of faculty members, and students attended the symposium. During the event, many extensive discussions and questions were asked and some points were emphasized to consolidate the principle of assistance in all fields.

Dr. Nawar Al-Zubaidi pointed to the importance of voluntary work and its positive role in highlighting the confidence of the community and its sense of belonging. This gives them the opportunity to practice forgiveness in business, participate in decision-making, and deepen the understanding of citizenship.

Many students spoke about their varied experiences in volunteering and expressed their satisfaction with the discussions on the subject of the symposium and their desire to continue their volunteer work to increase their expertise and provide them with new skills that improve their individual and social performance.