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The Study Curricula – College of Law – Law Department

The Department of Law holds the code (0101), has an annual system of study and total study duration of four-years. The undergraduate study (Bachelor) curricula for the department corresponding to the study at the Iraqi governmental and private universities and colleges and to the curricula of international and Arab universities.The student follows a study programme that consists of 39 different courses spread through four years. To graduate, a student must have completed 77 credits. The courses and credits are distributed as follow:


Years No. of Courses No. of Credits
First 9 17
Second 9 20
Third 10 22
Fourth 11 18
Total 39 77


First Year

Constitutional  Law

Introduction to Law

History of Law and Hammurabi code of law

Criminology and punishment

Introduction to Islamic law

Human rights

Introduction to Law in English

Arabic  Language


Second Year

Civil Law

Personal Status Law

Public Penal Law

Administrative Law

Commercial Law

Public Finance

Political Regimes

Administrative Law in English


Third Year

Private Penal Law

Civil Proceedings and Vindication and Advocacy Law

Civil Contracts

Public International Law

Wills and Inheritance

Administrative Judicial

Principles of Penal Trials

Principles of legal research

Commercial Companies

Public International law in English

Fourth Year

Private International Law

Real status

Commercial Documents

Labour Law and Social Security

Principles of Jurisprudence

International Humanitarian Law

International Organizations

Criminal Investigation and Forensic Medicine

Execution Law

Commercial Contracts in English

Graduation Research