The College of Law

The College of Law has a skilled academic staff that believes in enabling its students to develop commercial awareness, critical thinking, project management and networking skills. The courses will give students a real experience and have a strong emphasis on building the practical skills and techniques, which empower their chances of having a successful professional career.

The College of Law has the code (010), and the duration of study is four years. Every modern society depends on the strength of its applied laws, regarding legal drafting and the institutions that apply these laws. It shall reflect the level of jurists, who exist in the society, and the depth of their thoughts and their scientific and educational preparation level to contribute in building a healthy functional justice system, which shall eventually achieve social stability and preserve the rights of its citizens.

Admission Requirement

  • To be a holder of the Iraqi High School certificate or an equivalent certificate, supported by the approval of the Ministry of Education.
  • Be born in 1986 or afterward.
  • Be able to have a full-time
  • Has not been accepted in another study.
  • Has the minimum average grade that allows him/ her for submission.

The graduation flow of a generation of jurists who have a great deal of juristic knowledge and a high level of scientific discipline, regarding performance and ethics, will significantly improve the legislative, judicial system and the justice institutions in the country. Graduates will be prepared according to the latest techniques of teaching and training in virtual courts, in both Arabic and English. Judges of the first class will be training students in the practical field, while advisers from the State Advisory Council will be teaching administrative law courses and a group of selected law professors to teach the other various courses of law. All efforts are focusing on keeping pace with the legislative and judicial developments and the latest jurisprudential trends that examine the best solutions to the legal problems, locally and internationally. Exams grades are distributed in the following format:

Exam Theory
First Semester 10%
Second Semester 10%
Midterm 30%
Final Exam 50%
Total 100%



To raise the scientific level of graduates and increase their knowledge of the political, legal, and judicial systems in the rest of the world. The college seeks to establish a virtual court, issue a specialized journal on rights (law and politics), in Arabic and English, establish a legal office run by professors in which students train, host conferences in the field of law and politics, and develop postgraduate studies (master’s and doctorate) in law and politics.

Mission Statement

The college seeks to select the best academic methods to communicate information to students, keep pace with the legislative and judicial developments, and enhance the accumulated knowledge of students and researchers through distinguished academic staff members and researchers, as well as provide students with scientific and practical experiences through the virtual court and training in Iraqi courts and strategic research centres.


1- Prepare specialized individuals in human rights to serve the state and society.

  1. Contribute to the increase of legal and political awareness in the society through the development of theoretical and applied aspects in the study of law through:
  2. Preparing programs and plans for the development of legal individuals who work for the government and in courts to reach a distinguished scientific level.
  3. Proposing solutions to legal and political problems in the state and the society and cooperating with the legislative authority and civil society institutions to contribute to the submission of proposals and draft new laws or amending the active
  4. Monitoring negative social phenomena, identifying deficiencies in some legislative formulations, highlighting these cases, and holding conferences and symposia in this regard.
  5. Encouraging legal and political researches of that benefit and contribute to solving the problems of the state and the society in Iraq.

3 – Attract graduates from high school, the scientific and literary studies, especially the distinguished students.

4- Support the government’s departments and the judicial and legislative authorities with qualified legal individuals who can contribute to creating a secure legal environment.

Description of a Law School Graduate

A qualified undergraduate with the specialty of law, who has completed four years of study at the College of Law can enroll in “Iraqi Bar Association and the Union of Iraqi Jurists” and may apply to study in the diplomatic field or to work in the field of justice or as a legal advisor. He/she may also work in governmental offices; prepare contracts formulas and follow-up the administrative procedures, or practice any job related to legal interpretation and legal advice and keep pace with legislative and judicial developments.

Every graduate who has completed four academic years, from the College of Law, is qualified to work in the diplomatic field, strategic and political research centers, or submit political counseling or work in the field of establishing political parties and organizations, or in giving an analysis of political events.